(Your new social fun game)

Here you can find a demo of the game:


Type: Quiz (Questions game, played in teams, no restrictions for the number of players in each team)

Event day –Friday, Restaurant KOPCHETO, Vasil Aprilov Boulevard, 7, start time: 8.00 pm.  Signing up and access to tablets: 7.00 pm , reservations by phone: 032 646 332

Package price: 20 BGN pro person, inclusive of : ticket for the game, full dinner board : (salad, main course and dessert) by choice.

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REGULATIONS: Questions are displayedr on the TV and tablets , and are being read by the host. The teams discuss the answer together during the time given. The answers are given through THE NEW INTERACTIVE ANSWERS SYSTEM USING TABLETS. Each correct answer gives you points, different for each round. In the end of the round the team with most points wins bonus points. If there are teams with the same result, The Wheel Of Fortune is being played. Between each round there is a break. In the end the winner of the game is the team with most points. There are 4 rounds; the first 3 rounds consist of 10 questions, and the last one – the fourth – of 6 questions.

The questions in each round are from 5 specific categories.

Geography and History Questions 1 & 2  in each round

Art and Culture Questions 3 & 4  in each round

Literature, Languages

And Logic Questions 5 & 6  in each round

Technology and Science Questions 7 & 8  in each round

Sports Questions 9 & 10 in each round

I-st round – Blitz round: 10 questions, A/B quiz, true or false. The questions follow one after the other, without much time for thinking. You have two types of questions. Each “Choose the right answer “question gives you 1 point and each “Choose the wrong answer question” gives you 2 points.

II-nd round – Fun Round: 10 amusing questions like puzzles, crosswords, Sudoku, anagrams, mathematical, logical and etc. 60 seconds time for thinking. Each question gives you 2 points.

III-rd round – Classic Brainstorm – 10 questions. Each question gives you 3 points. 2 types of questions:  1st – 3 of 6: The teams have to choose which 3 out of 6 answers are correct.  2nd – Classic brainstorm:  The teams have to list 5 possible answers from a specific topic, with the first letter of each answer given. Time 65 to 90 seconds per question.

IVth round - Mystery questions. 6 mystery questions, one from each category. Each of them gives 4 points, 125 seconds time to answer.


1. "COPY/PASTE FROM YOUR OPPONENT"-  Gives you the possibility if your team does not know the correct answer to ONE of the questions in each round from the1st to 3rd rounds, to copy/paste it from an opponent of your choice. If their answer is correct, your team will also get the points for this question. If their answer is wrong, one point will be deducted from the score of your team.

2. "SCREW UP YOUR ENEMY"- In the fourth round there is a specific question for screwing up one of your opponents that you choose by deducting 4 points from their score. This can only become effective if your team gives a correct answer to this question. If not, 4 points will be taken away from your team.

3. "WINNER OF THE ROUND" Bonus – the Winner of each round is the team which has won most points in it, this team will get an additional bonus of 1 to 4 points depending on which round it wins. If 2 or more teams have the same highest number of points, THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE will decide which team will get the bonus.

4. "CHOOSE A SUBJECT FOR THE NEXT WEEK" Bonus - The team which finishes at second place in the overall standings each game has the right to choose a specific topic for the next week’s game, from which one question will be asked in each round. For example if a team chooses the topic "Аrnold Schwarzenegger", one of the questions in each round from the category Art and Culture will be from the "Аrnold Schwarzenegger" topic.

5. "QUESTION OF THE AUDIENCE" - Will be held before the game. All our friends will have the chance to send questions in our Facebook site or in the Facebook group. You get drinkshots for your team if you answer this question correctly.


The prize fund for the week is announced at the beginning of every game. It will be distributed to the 1st /80%/ and the third /20%/ team in the overall standings at the end of the game. The 2nd team, due to strategic reasons, will only get the "CHOOSE A SUBJECT FOR THE NEXT WEEK" Bonus.


Here you can find a demo of the game: