Attracted by the original drawings of Salvador Dali on windows and huge "button with the needle" composition on the building - one of the symbols of the city, there is no way for any of you to miss and not to enter to see restaurant "Kopcheto".

The restaurant is designed in two separate salons - orange and purple. The interior is modernistic, it creates a sense of complete comfort and stillness along with the beautiful vision. All customers are surprised and astonished at the entrance by the style and when they leave they have the feeling of satisfaction of quality food and service.

At the moment, we are offering our customers a wine list to choose from a variety of 120 different brands of wine of all sorts. Our aim is to enrich the knowledge of our customers of wine, and to satisfy the taste of all wine connaiseurs. We created an info brochure which contains different facts and tips concerning wine - history, sorts, storage, serving. Alongside we offer dishes and meals in line with selected wines. "Kopcheto" is a restaurant, famous for its delicious meals. Our master-cooks are young and ambitious, full of creativity and imagination in arranging and cooking.
We have met all the standards and requirements of inspection bodies. The salons are fully air-conditioned, we have a fireplace, large TV screen and perfect musical surround.

Our advice to all of you who pass nearby is to stop and see restaurant "Kopcheto" , not only to get original designing ideas, but to have their personal parties, celebrations or company banquets here.